Panauti to Namobuddha

One-day hike to Namobudhha via Panauti. There were 13 of us for this hike. We departed from our college premises for Panauti at 7 am. We had light snacks in one of the local shops and after that our hike began with much energy and enthusiasm.


All of us headed towards Namobuddha enjoying the pleasant weather along with our friend’s company. As being the season of crop harvesting, the fields there seemed as if they were painted in green which really soothed our eyes. The rainfall of previous night cleared the weather and also cooled down the temperature which helped us to pick up pace during the start of our Hike. We walked through the pine forest till noon. After much tiring walk, we had our snacks break. We resumed the hike after having our snacks and reached Namobuddha at 2pm.

Upon reaching Namobuddha, we clicked pictures and worshipped the temples present there. We enjoyed there for about an hour and headed back to our start point. It took us around 20 min to reach there. Thus, our epic hike ended with a good dinner at around 6pm.

In a nutshell, We had a very wonderful and memorable hike which we will cherish for a lifetime.


Kathmandu to Dolalghat

A beautiful place to be, Dolalghat offers the magnificent views of the snowcapped mountains at the back while the front is adorned with comparatively shorter hills. The river and the wide shore on one side of it allow the visitors and the excited picnickers to relax and enjoy its beauty and peace or play in the sand like crazies.


People come to Dolalghat for various purposes. Some come with their families and close friends to enjoy the peace and freshness away from the crowd of the cities while there are others who come here to get wild and crazy with their friends. The place also has the visitors who come here alone to spend some time for themselves seeking solitude and relaxing in its quiet and peacefulness.


However, some careless visitors tend to throw the beer bottles into the river, breaking it into the pieces and polluting the river as well as the shore. Nevertheless, if you are careful while you walk along the shore and into the water, the experience of being in Dolalghat is wonderful. It also has restaurants and lodges to cater to your needs and demands.

Mainly, we 9 friends went to dolalghat for swimming it take 3 hour to reached dolalghat via bike ride. It is wonderful

Kathmandu to jhor

As per our plan we were going to Jhor for learning to ride a bike. I got up early in the morning around 7 took bath washed my uniform, then I called my friend to get ready. He was sleeping and told me that he would call me as he gets up. I finished my work and then I called him he said he was getting ready . We had lunch and he came to my home .We left out with our bike for Jhor around 10:30 A.M. We showed our bike to a nearby workshop either it was in condition or not. After checking the scooty we went to ATM to withdraw money, after taking out money we headed towards Tokha .


Road was clear and less busy due to strike called off by Public Transportation Association .We were thinking of fueling the bike but we did’ not get the petrol as it was all shortage due to some reason. We headed towards Tokha. Road was not so good it was dirty and muddy .But we were enjoying the ride. Around 11:00 A.M we reached Tokha bazar then we moved downwards a road with wide space, black topped road and less busy. As the road was favorable I started riding the sccoty. It was so fun and interesting. Road was good enough than the busy road of Kathmandu. The side scene was good. All greenery, rice plantation in all fields totally looked awesome .The view of KTM was also breath-taking. Road was open and flow of vehicle was also low so I rided bike. On the way we saw a group of middle aged man cycling to Jhor. We reached Jhor around 11:30A.M.


We returned back and rested for 10 minutes on the road. Then on the way to the waterfall there was a small type of resort offering local food. So we decided to have some food as we were hungry walking up and down to the waterfall. So we went into the resort and took rest for 5 to 10 minutes and ordered for the food. We ordered noodles with eggs and cold drinks. We talked about our jobs and friend until the noodle was served on the table .As it was a fast food the noodles was served within 10 minutes. We had the noodles it was really good. We talked to the staff of the same resort about the place and it’s business, he was very friendly .And then we decided to return to our homes .Before getting back I had the desire to get wet under the water fall but my friend suggested me to play in the waterfall next time when we would go there with all of the preparations (extra clothes).

Anyways trip to Jhor was wonderful and I must say Jhor is bestowed with natural beauty .It could be a tourist destination for the foreigners visiting Kathmandu. We should make publicity of Jhor to bring this place in the sight of foreigners and people involved in the tourism sector which could boost-up the economic level of people of Jhor. Last but not the least I must thank my friend for his precious time and wonderful company .It was a day to remember and cherish in the future.

Budanikantha to Sundarijal

We 18 hikers start our hike from deerwalk college. College micro take us from deerwalk complex to budanikantha. We start our travel at 8 am and we reached budanikantha at 9 am   The 6 hours hike was a beginner level hike with straight, wide and easy paths. There were all together 18 hikers from all four batches of DWIT.


The hike started after a light breakfast at nearby tea shop. The team departed to the drop off point, Budanilkantha at 8:00 AM and started the hike at 9:00 AM. We were accompanied by the local guide halfway through the hike as it was mandatory to have a guide to enter the national park.


We see leopard on our way which is very nice we all take photo of that leopard. again moving forward we see Turkey in between jungle and take some photo of that turkey. There are many birds whistle in jungle which make us feel good and interesting hike.


The after we reach at damp side which supply water to kathmandu local people. we see artificial water fall made by water fall near sundari mai mandhir. Which was very beautiful and we take some snap for our memory and again start our hike and reached to our bus station our bus is waiting for us. It take 6 hour to reached Sundarijal buspark and college bus pick us.

The team finally reached the destination at around 4:00 PM and headed college for early dinner. Thus concluding the hike.

Kathmandu to Champadevi

There were a total of 15 participants selected for the hike. We departed from the college at around 7:00 am in the morning. After an hour long drive we reached at Balkhu where we stopped for breakfast.
We reached Dakshinkali at around 8:30 am from where our hike officially started. We followed the steep road in order to get to the hill that lead to Champadevi. After consulting with some locals we found the base of the hill and started to move along. On the way we found a berry tree where we stopped for some berries and cucumber for refreshment.
After a round of fresh cucumbers and berries we moved along. The hill was really steep and with the scorching sun as our companion, it was a real challenge. But the toughest part was still waiting for us. Somewhere in middle of the hike we lost our way so we had to make our own way and the struggle was very real. But the most amazing part was no matter how tired and lost we were, the one thing that kept us moving was the spirit to reach the top no matter the challenges and obviously the bonding of the participants.
Finally after a 5 hour long hike through the forests of the steep hill, we reached our destination, the Champadevi temple at 1:30. Our happiness knew no bounds and the breathtaking scene ahead us washed away all our tiredness and refilled ourselves with energy to continue to the down side of the hill.
At 4:30 in the evening we reached to the base of the hill and continued our way to the road side where our bus was waiting for us. A delicious thakali dinner at Lete Thakali Kitchen marked the end of our hike that was filled with new experiences and lots of memories.

Thankot to Chitlang

The journey starts from Deerwalk complex. Hikers were facilitated with a Micro bus and the hike started sharp at 6:30 am. There were 11 hikers gathered at deerwalk premises. Hikers had some breakfast at a restaurant near Putalisadak and the road trip began from Putalisadak to Godamchour. After reaching Godamchour, we started our hike full of energy.


After that, we crossed jungles to reach Chitlang. On our way, we clicked many pictures and also took some rest. From Chitlang, we could see Chandragiri Cable car which was quite fascinating. After that we reached a resort named Goat Cheese Factory resort. It took us an hour to reach the resort. We also had light snacks there. That Goat cheese factory was established on 2003 which is the first goat cheese factory of Nepal.


We took some rest there and also played cards. After playing cards, we played swing near the resort. Then we had dinner at 8:30 pm and started camp fire where we had barbeque and also played Antraksheri. After that, we slept.

The next day,we woke up early in the morning, had snacks. The owner of the resort put tika and mala to all of us and wished us a good day. Then we all walked up to Markhu, from the resort for boating. We crossed a jungle and reached Markhu which is the most beautiful place at the period of hiking. We did boating there and enjoyed a lot. Then, weset off to see the kulekhani damp side. Our college’s vehicle came near “kalanki” which happened to be located at Markhu too and picked us from there. Around 7 pm we reached at Sinamangal Thakali for our dinner and around 8 pm we reached our home.

काठमाडौँ बाट नमोबुद्ध

हाम्रो समूह १२ जनाको थियो | हामी १२ जना समूहले सिफल गौशाला नजिकै बाट हाम्रो यात्रा सुरु गर्यौ | हाम्रो आफ्नै बिधयालय को बस बाट लगभग ७ बजे हाम्रो यात्रा सुरु गर्यौ | हामी कोतेश्व्वोर  हुदै बनेपा को बाटो हुदै पनौती सम्म बसमा यात्रा गर्यौ | हामी पनौती बाट हाम्रो पैदल यात्रा सुरु गर्यौ हामी पनौती तेस्तै ९ बजे पुगे को थियौ | हामीले पनौती को यौटा होटेलमा नास्ता गर्यौ अनि तेता बाट यात्रा सुरु गर्यौ |


हामी सबैजना कुरा गर्दै तेताबाट जंगल को बाटो हुदै नमोबुद्ध को यात्रा सुरु गर्यौ  | हामीले बाटोमा हरियाली धान रोपेको देख्यौ हरियो र रमाइलो  बताबरण हेर्दै आखा तल्तालौने | हामीले धानहरुलाई  गोड्दै गरेको किशान देख्यौ | हामी सबैजना उकाली वोराली गर्दै हाम्रो गन्तब्ये तिर लाग्यौ तेहा बाट हामीले बीच बाटोमा खाजा खायौ |फेरी हामीले हाम्रो यात्रा सुरु गर्यौ हामीलाई नमोबुद्ध पुग्नलाई तेस्तै ५ घण्टा जति लाग्यो हामी २ बजे नमोबुद्ध पुग्यौ |


तेह हामीले फेरी तस्बिर लिग्यौ र भगवान लाई दर्सन गर्यौ|हामीले १ घण्टा नमोबुद्ध बस्यौ अनि हाम्रो बस भयको ठाउ तिर लाग्यौ हामीलाई नमोबुद्ध बाट बस भयको ठाउ पुग्न तेस्तै २० मिनेट लाग्यो | अनि हामीले बस बसिरयको ठाउ नेर को होटेल मा खान खायौ अनि हाम्रो यात्रा काठमाडौँ तर्फ को सुरु गर्यौ | तेस्तै ६ बजे हामीलाई बसले हाम्रो बिधयालय दीर्वाल्क मा छाडिदियो र हामी सबै आफ्न्नु आफ्नु घर तर्फा लाग्यौ |